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The convenience of cash without carrying it.
The Credit Union MemberCard provides easy access to your funds from any ATM-banking machine in Canada and throughout the world, as well as convenient and safe purchases using the Interac Direct Payment system.

Your Credit Union Member Card, together with your personal identification number (PIN) provides access to your credit union account 24 hours a day. If you do not already have a Credit Union Member Card and would like to receive one, simply ask our staff and one will be issued to you.

Automated Teller Machines allow you to:

Get Cash - up to your daily limit
Get your Account Balance, where available

For a detailed Schedule of Service Charges click here.

For additional information, contact the Slovenia Credit Union, or go to the Interac website at

Card Lost or Stolen? Call 1-800-LOST111 (1-800-567-8111) or call (306)566-1276 collect 24 hours a day every day of the year.

US Cash

We carry U.S. money for the convenience of our members. For approximate foreign exchange rates click here.

Wire Transfers

Sometimes money just has to get to a destination in a timely manner. We can help with wire transfers throughout the country and around the world.

Wire - Canadian or International Currencies
  • Beneficiary in Canada = $30.00
  • Beneficiary outside Canada = $50.00
    Wire U.S. Dollars = $40.00 USD

  • Certified Cheques

    When you need a cheque that is as negotiable as cash, any of our tellers will prepare a certified cheque for you, at no cost.

    Safety Deposit Boxes

    Safety deposit boxes are available at our Browns Line office and come in three sizes:

  • 5" wide, 1.5" high, 24" deep
  • = $30 per year
  • 5" wide, 2.5" high, 24" deep
  • = $45 per year

    Bill Payment Service

    Pay all of your utility bills in just a few minutes at our teller booths. There is a $1.00 service charge per utility (seniors pay no charge).