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Credit Union MasterCard offers a wide range of credit card products with unique features designed to fit your needs. All Credit Union MasterCard credit cards provide you with convenience, financial flexibility and security. Use a Credit Union MasterCard both locally and internationally, wherever you see the well-known MasterCard logo.

Whether you are booking a flight, paying tuition, or purchasing supplies for your business, Credit Union MasterCard has the credit card to meet your needs. These core features are automatically yours with every MasterCard credit card offered by Slovenia Parishes Credit Union:

  • Global acceptance at 16,000,000 locations worldwide.
  • ATM access at over 370,000 locations in 220 countries.
  • Emergency cards and emergency cash with one phone call.
  • Master RoadAssist 24-hour roadside assistance at preset rates.
  • Lost and stolen card assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    For more information on the MasterCard products that we offer, please read the outline of each product listed below.

    Credit Union Low Fee MasterCard
    The Credit Union Low Fee MasterCard gives you select features and benefits with a low annual fee. Enjoy the security of Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty on most items purchased with your MasterCard. Travel worry-free with Master RoadAssist, Travel Accident Insurance, emergency cards and cash, and Trip Cancellation Insurance.

    Annual fee: $12.00

    Choice Rewards Option on the Low Fee Card
    Sign up for the CHOICE Rewards for just $24 (which includes the $12 annual fee) and earn one point for every dollar spent on your Low Fee MasterCard. Points can be redeemed for brand name merchandise, travel certificates and vacation packages. Plus, you receive all the features of the Low Fee MasterCard.

    Credit Union No Fee MasterCard
    The No Fee MasterCard is perfect for you if you are not interested in a value-added credit card. You will accumulate CHOICE Rewards points with this card, but at half the rate of other Credit Union MasterCard credit cards (1 point for every $2 spent on the card). You are covered for up to $100,000 by Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance.

    No annual fee.

    Credit Union Gold MasterCard
    The Gold MasterCard offers you an outstanding set of features, such as MasterRental, MasterTrip, MasterLegal and MasterPurchase. This is the perfect card for those of you who require a higher credit limit and the added security of an extensive travel package.

    Annual fee: $96

    CHOICE Rewards Option on the Gold Card
    Enjoy the benefits of the Gold MasterCard and reward yourself with CHOICE rewards. With extra room to spend on this card, your points will accumulate quickly. Redeem your points for merchandise and travel packages from the CHOICE Rewards catalogue, or apply them to a travel certificate.

    Annual Fee: $120

    Credit Union Student MasterCard
    If you are a student between 18 and 25 years old enrolled in a post-secondary institution, this MasterCard has everything you need to make the grade. Receive a credit limit up to $1000 and start building a credit history - before you graduate. The Student MasterCard features Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty insurances on most purchases you make with the card. The core features of the Credit Union MasterCards are automatically yours with this card. Flexible and convenient, the Student MasterCard is a great credit card for you.

    No annual fee.

    CHOICE Rewards Option on the Student Card
    Get more for your money with CHOICE Rewards. Earn one point for each dollar you spend on your Student MasterCard. Reward yourself with valuable merchandise and travel packages from the CHOICE Rewards catalogue, or travel certificates. Plus, enjoy all the benefits of the Student MasterCard.

    Annual fee: $24

    Credit Union Platinum Class MasterCard
    Platinum Class offers you a very attractive points acceleration program all its own. The Platinum Class Travel Rewards program rewards you with a 2% return towards the travel of your choice. This travel rewards program is more flexible and provides greater value than other airline-affiliated programs because you have the opportunity to select any airline, any travel time, and no black out periods apply. Enjoy full coverage offered by MasterRental, MasterTrip, Out-of-Country Medical Insurance, MasterLegal, MasterPurchase (Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty), Accidental Death coverage, Trip Cancellation Insurance, Master RoadAssist, and access to emergency cash and cards.

    Annual fee: $150

    Credit Union Business Card MasterCard
    The Credit Union Business Card MasterCard offers small businesses and corporate members added functionality by providing expanded features for convenience and financial control. This card can carry any number of names on the account. Credit limit can be set at the card level, and statements are sent directly to each cardholder and to the person administering the account for your business.

    Annual fee: $50, plus $10 per card per year.

    To learn more about this product feel free to give us a call, e-mail, come in and speak with us, or visit the CUETS website.

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