Calculate, Analyze, Plan

GO Figure will make planning your finances simple. At your convenience 24/7, from home or office, you can let it do all the figuring for you.

GO Figure includes easy to use calculators that will analyze your family’s budget, determine your net worth, track your investments and help you plan for retirement. It offers simple step-by-step instructions and great information on a wide range of important subjects including minimizing your tax burden, purchasing the right insurance for you, estate planning and so much more.

And, you can even conveniently save your financial input right on the site – allowing you to update frequently and stay on top of your finances!

Why should I save my information? Is it safe?

Return at any time to our site, login, and your information is automatically restored for quick, easy updates

  • Print your saved information & review with your Advisor for professional advice
  • Your profile is stored indefinitely for your on-going convenience
  • We DO NOT record any information that identifies you personally so your confidentially is assured. Simply login using username & password aliases.
  • We DO NOT require your Email address so you can be assured of no Spam from us.

    1. Visit our website:
    2. Click on the “GO Figure” logo at the top of this page
    3. Choose one of the 11 topics from the menu and begin your financial planning!

    “GO Figure” today!! Click on the GO Figure logo above to get started with this free service.

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